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[CLEAR] Ames 3 Seater Sofa (Casa / Black) New -45%

[CLEAR] Ames 3 Seater Sofa (Casa / Black)

Everlasting 3 seater sofa that is perfect for your studio unit or office reception.Display item avai..

RM889.00 RM488.00

[CLEAR] Aveiras 3 Seater & Ottoman (L. Brown) -30%

[CLEAR] Aveiras 3 Seater & Ottoman (L. Brown)

Spacious 3 seater with detachable ottoman.Display unit available at Cavenzi Maluri.Dimension: 2000mm..

RM999.00 RM703.00

[CLEAR] Canada 8' x 8' Sliding Wardrobe -49% Out Of Stock

[CLEAR] Canada 8' x 8' Sliding Wardrobe

Trendy  & in vogue 8' x 8' feet, two sliding doors wardrobe only.Display item available at ..

RM1,922.00 RM989.00

[CLEAR] Casanello 1+8 Dining Set -35%

[CLEAR] Casanello 1+8 Dining Set

Authentic solid rubber wood dining table and cushioned chairs suitable for large family of eight.Dis..

RM1,068.00 RM689.00

[CLEAR] Enicia L - Shape Sofa (Red) -41% Out Of Stock

[CLEAR] Enicia L - Shape Sofa (Red)

Comfortable L - shape fabric sofa in striking, bold red colour with fully sliding seats. Ultimate re..

RM2,289.00 RM1,346.00

[CLEAR] Evergreen Chest of Drawers New -79%

[CLEAR] Evergreen Chest of Drawers

Sharply defined, practical chest of drawers with ample storage space.Display item available at Caven..

RM263.00 RM55.00

[CLEAR] Fantasima 2 Seater Sofa -40% Out Of Stock

[CLEAR] Fantasima 2 Seater Sofa

Modern, 2+3 seater sofa with side aperture armrests.Display item available at Cavenzi Maluri.Dimensi..

RM664.00 RM399.00

[CLEAR] Framboiesa Display Cabinet -62% Out Of Stock

[CLEAR] Framboiesa Display Cabinet

Multipurpose bookcase cum display cabinet on sale!BUY ONE FREE ONE!Display item available at Cavenzi..

RM399.00 RM150.00

[CLEAR] Girona TV Cabinet -61% Out Of Stock

[CLEAR] Girona TV Cabinet

6' (feet) TV cabinet.Display available at Cavenzi Maluri.Dimension: 1800mm (L) x 400mm (W) x 470mm (..

RM399.00 RM155.00

[CLEAR] Gustav 1 Seater Sofa (L. Grey) -42%

[CLEAR] Gustav 1 Seater Sofa (L. Grey)

Scandinavian inspired simple yet eye-pleasing 1 seater sofa in imported premium Fine Fabric.Perfect ..

RM789.00 RM455.00

[CLEAR] Juarez Side Cabinet -62%

[CLEAR] Juarez Side Cabinet

Practical side cabinet as the perfect accompaniment to your clutter free living room. Comes with enc..

RM258.00 RM98.00

[CLEAR] Julian Divider -41%

[CLEAR] Julian Divider

Divider & display cabinet in melamine. Display item available at Cavenzi Maluri.Dimension: ..

RM469.00 RM279.00

[CLEAR] Juliana Divider -37%

[CLEAR] Juliana Divider

Multi layer spray, polish and drying effect to obtain desired export standard high gloss effect on o..

RM1,099.00 RM688.00

[CLEAR] Lambada Queen Divan -22%

[CLEAR] Lambada Queen Divan

Oversized queen divan with clean-cut, fully upholstered headboard & side table.Display item avai..

RM1,133.00 RM888.00

[CLEAR] Lazio 3 Seater Recliner -10%

[CLEAR] Lazio 3 Seater Recliner

3 seater sofa recliner upholstered in premium Fine Fabric. Feel yourself being cradled in luxurious ..

RM2,211.00 RM1,999.00