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Allegro Queen Divan (Brown) -37 %

Allegro Queen Divan (Brown)

Microfabric upholstery on queen divan. Simple design for practical use.Dimension: 1520 mm (L) x 2090..

RM380.00 RM239.00

Alvilda Divan -23 %

Alvilda Divan

Unostentatious queen / king divan for everyday use. Comfortable for bedtime reading.Dimension: 1520m..

RM647.00 RM499.00

Amalfi 3 Seater Sofa -42 %

Amalfi 3 Seater Sofa

3 Seater lounge sofa in fiery red colour. Curved sides and slim armrests exude modernity.Dimension: ..

RM1,029.00 RM599.00

Asturo 3RR Recliner -42 %

Asturo 3RR Recliner

3 seater manual recliner, both in classy and reserved dark brown colour.One of our top all time best..

RM3,094.00 RM1,800.00

Benito Divan -15 %

Benito Divan

Classy & elegant queen / king divan for everyday use. Comfortable for bedtime reading.Dimension:..

RM706.00 RM599.00

Bretone Rosa L - Shape Sofa -53 % Out Of Stock

Bretone Rosa L - Shape Sofa

3 tone colour fabric, L - shape. Simple & practical design.Dimension: 2007mm (L) x 953mm (W..

RM1,288.00 RM599.00

Clairyn Corner Sofa

2 seater + 2 seater + Corner sofa. Large, spacious and luxurious.Can seat 6-7 person comfortably.Dim..


Clarette 2 Seater Sofa -53 %

Clarette 2 Seater Sofa

2 Seater Sofa in quirky 3 tone color! Great Buy!Dimension: 1550mm (L) x 970mm (W) x 990mm (H)Materia..

RM1,393.00 RM660.00

Ducato Fabric Sofa Bed (Black) -27 %

Ducato Fabric Sofa Bed (Black)

1 + 1 + OttomanDimension: 2260mm (L) x 890mm (W) x 810mm (H)Material: Durasuede FabricColor: Bl..

RM683.00 RM499.00

Flintstone Queen Divan (Dark Brown) -39 %

Flintstone Queen Divan (Dark Brown)

Deluxe hotel queen divan styling with smooth and clean lines. Intricately quilted headboard.Dimensio..

RM824.00 RM500.00

Flintstone Single Fabric Divan (Carrot) -51 %

Flintstone Single Fabric Divan (Carrot)

Deluxe hotel single 3' divan styling with smooth and clean lines. Intricately quilted headboard.Item..

RM812.00 RM400.00

Fresno 1+6 Dining Set -18 %

Fresno 1+6 Dining Set

Scandinavian styled 1+6 dining set with rustic, country feel. Thinly, outstretch table legs with fin..

RM1,800.00 RM1,479.00

Iruma Queen Divan -56 % Out Of Stock

Iruma Queen Divan

Pearly white, 3D texture Queen divan with faux diamond embroidery design on headboard.Dimension: 152..

RM883.00 RM388.00

Janeiro 2 + 3 Sofa -32 %

Janeiro 2 + 3 Sofa

2+3 lounge styled sofa in Casa Leather.Dimension:2 Seater - 1450mm (L) x 790mm (W) x 1100mm (H)..

RM1,765.00 RM1,200.00

Johann 2 + 3 Seater Sofa (Red/Silver)

Complete 2 + 3 sofa set in flashy two tone red & silver.Swathe in luxurious ambience and feel. R..