Shoe Cabinets

Shoe Cabinets

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Arena Shoe Cabinet

Deluxe quality shoe cabinet.Dimension: 1200mm (L) x 340mm (W) x 1100mm (H) Material: PU Laminat..


Bardon Shoe Cabinet -19% Out Of Stock

Bardon Shoe Cabinet

Two door, bright blue shoe rack.Dimension: 600mm (L) x 240mm (W) x 840mm (H)Material: Laminated part..

RM160.00 RM130.00

Benette Shoe Rack

Tall shoe cabinet, 5.7' (feet) in height with slim profile.Dimension: 770mm (L) x 320mm (W) x 1750mm..


Clio Shoe Cabinet

2 door, 6' Tall shoe cabinet with safety glass panel.Dimension: 800mm (L) x 390mm (W) x 1850mm (H)Ma..


Conrad 3DR Shoe Cabinet -9%

Conrad 3DR Shoe Cabinet

Wide, 3 door shoe cabinet with aluminium door panels.Dimension: 1180mm (L) x 403mm (W) x 807mm (H)Ma..

RM330.00 RM299.00

Conrad 4DR Shoe Cabinet -15%

Conrad 4DR Shoe Cabinet

Tall 4 door shoe cabinet with aluminium door panels.Dark, natural wood laminated texture.Dimension: ..

RM399.00 RM340.00

Farah Shoe Cabinet -27%

Farah Shoe Cabinet

Two door, simple shoe rack with 6 shelves.Dimension: 640mm (L) x 325mm (W) x 1190mm (H)Material: Lam..

RM260.00 RM190.00

Flores Shoe Cabinet -13%

Flores Shoe Cabinet

Dimension: 800mm (L) x 350mm (W) x1220mm (H)Material: Laminated particleboardColor: Light &..

RM450.00 RM393.00

Ioma Shoe Cabinet -19%

Ioma Shoe Cabinet

All essential 2 door shoe cabinet with extra top.Dimension: 600mm (L) x 300mm (W) x 800mm (H)Materia..

RM160.00 RM130.00

Konichi Shoe Rack

Over 5' tall shoe racks in all white or black paint suitable for an average household shoes storing ..


Kordoba Shoe Rack

Classical era inspired shoe rack with unique finishing that brings out the fine memory of yesteryear..


Lavon Shoe Cabinet -17%

Lavon Shoe Cabinet

Lightly colored, Scandinavian inspired shoe cabinet.Dimension: 800mm (L) x 360mm (W) x 1181mm (..

RM360.00 RM299.00

Loven Shoe Cabinet -41%

Loven Shoe Cabinet

Natural wood laminated shoe cabinet with heavy duty industrial steel legs.Dimension: 900mm (L) x 360..

RM760.00 RM450.00

Minerva Shoe Cabinet -17%

Minerva Shoe Cabinet

Country style tall shoe cabinet / multipurpose storage cabinet with rugged, natural teak wood lamina..

RM599.00 RM499.00

Mirinda Shoe Cabinet -48%

Mirinda Shoe Cabinet

Tall shoe cabinet with a stool. So you don't have to lean or bend over haphazardly whenever you need..

RM840.00 RM440.00