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Grand & opulent bar counter with high gloss finish and melamine top.Complete set with substantia..
Olivenza Tea Set -11%
Hotel tea set consists of 1 round table and 2 arm chairs.Dimension: 600mm (L) x 600mm (W) x 540mm (H..
RM557.00 RM495.00
Siesta Divan -17%
Bolster styled divan headboard with optimum back support upholstered in 3D texture PU leather in cla..
RM872.00 RM726.00
Petra L - Shape Sofa -22%
Elegant & modern L - shape sofa with congenial two-tone colour scheme. Perfect to complete your ..
RM2,554.00 RM1,999.00
Moika L - Shape -11%
Practical L - shape sofa with classic, regular design. Fully washable cushions sealed with high qual..
RM2,128.00 RM1,888.00
Casanella 1+8 Dining Set -13%
Authentic solid rubber wood dining table and chairs suitable for large family of eight.Dimension: 20..
RM1,263.00 RM1,099.00
[CLEAR] Ames 3 Seater Sofa (Casa / Black) New -45%
Everlasting 3 seater sofa that is perfect for your studio unit or office reception.Display item avai..
RM889.00 RM488.00
[CLEAR] Aveiras 3 Seater & Ottoman (L. Brown) -30%
Spacious 3 seater with detachable ottoman.Display unit available at Cavenzi Maluri.Dimension: 2000mm..
RM999.00 RM703.00
[CLEAR] Canada 8' x 8' Sliding Wardrobe -49% Out Of Stock
Trendy  & in vogue 8' x 8' feet, two sliding doors wardrobe only.Display item available at ..
RM1,922.00 RM989.00
[CLEAR] Casanello 1+8 Dining Set -35%
Authentic solid rubber wood dining table and cushioned chairs suitable for large family of eight.Dis..
RM1,068.00 RM689.00
[CLEAR] Enicia L - Shape Sofa (Red) -41% Out Of Stock
Comfortable L - shape fabric sofa in striking, bold red colour with fully sliding seats. Ultimate re..
RM2,289.00 RM1,346.00
[CLEAR] Evergreen Chest of Drawers New -79%
Sharply defined, practical chest of drawers with ample storage space.Display item available at Caven..
RM263.00 RM55.00
Desna 1+4 Dining Set New -40%
Extra thick tempered glass top,  1 + 6 dining set with clear see through glass.Dimension:Table:..
RM999.00 RM599.00
Katla 1+4 Dining Set New -17%
Stone laminated 1 + 4 dining set with black 'marble' top with faux alligator PU base with diamond em..
RM887.00 RM736.00
Saigon 1+6 Marble Dining Set New -36%
Classy, natural marble - like rectangular dining set with 6 seater upholstered chairs.Dimension: 150..
RM1,388.00 RM888.00
Cierra 1+6 Dining Set New -36%
Solid veneer rectangular wooden dining set with 6 upholstered, high backed chairs in creamy white co..
RM1,099.00 RM699.00
[CLEAR] Yasmin 4' x 6' Bedroom Set New -41%
Natural wood laminated 4' x 6' sliding, two door wardrobe with dresser, mirror & stool.Display i..
RM1,100.00 RM649.00
Masimo L - Shape Sofa -33%
Immensely proportioned L - shape sofa in suede like fabric. Suitable for homes with large living roo..
RM1,999.00 RM1,338.00
Ardelia Bedroom Set -17%
PU upholstered queen divan with basic 2 door wardrobe.Dimension:Divan - Queen sizedWardrobe - 800mm ..
RM572.00 RM476.00
1 + 1 + OttomanDimension: 2260mm (L) x 890mm (W) x 810mm (H)Material: Durasuede FabricColor: Bl..
Bretone L - Shape Sofa -22% In Stock
L - Shape sofaDimension: 2007mm (L) x 953mm (W) x 1499mm (W) x 914mm (H)Material: Ox-Fabric 4Co..
RM1,288.00 RM999.00
Boreno TV Cabinet -27%
5' ft long, bare essential TV cabinet.Dimension: 1500mm (L) x 460mm (W) x 460mm (H)Material: Laminat..
RM409.00 RM299.00
Pandora 4 Door Wardrobe -29%
5' x 6', 4 door wardrobe with 4 bottom drawers.Dimension: 1620mm (L) x 500mm (W) x 1800mm (H) M..
RM1,146.00 RM818.00