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Akita Shoe Rack -52%

Akita Shoe Rack

4' Shoe Rack. Display unit available at Cavenzi Balakong Contemporary.#NOTICEPlease view, touch..

RM416.00 RM199.00

Amara Single Sumo Divan -58%

Amara Single Sumo Divan

Complete set of premium single 3' divan upholstered in premium, striking red.This is no ordinary div..

RM879.00 RM365.00

Ames 3 Seater Sofa New -35%

Ames 3 Seater Sofa

Timeless 3 seater sofa that is perfect for your studio unit or office reception.Display unit availab..

RM1,233.00 RM799.00

Asturo 1R+3RR Seater Recliner (White/Black) -47% Out Of Stock

Asturo 1R+3RR Seater Recliner (White/Black)

Prime selection of 1R + 3RR seater manual recliner, available in unique two-tone colour.One of..

RM3,395.00 RM1,800.00

Atlatico Divider -64%

Atlatico Divider

Standard sized divider with multi-level tier for all your display needs.Display unit available..

RM1,525.00 RM549.00

Berlin Royal Nite Mattress -47%

Berlin Royal Nite Mattress

Quality Queen mattress inspired by the city of Berlin. Perfect marriage of classy, elegance outlook ..

RM1,899.00 RM999.00

Chesterfield 3 Seater Sofa -40%

Chesterfield 3 Seater Sofa

Neo-classical, high backed & regal 3 seater upholstered in Monarch Leather. Unparalleled luxury ..

RM2,670.00 RM1,600.00

Chianti 3 Seater Sofa -50%

Chianti 3 Seater Sofa

Modern, casual 3 seater fabric sofa with congenial colour scheme. Perfect for compact living halls o..

RM1,695.00 RM850.00

Clio 2 Door Wardrobe -60%

Clio 2 Door Wardrobe

2 door, white cupboard. Translucent polyglass panels.Display unit available at Cavenzi Balakong..

RM499.00 RM199.00

Fantasima 3 Seater Sofa -47%

Fantasima 3 Seater Sofa

Modern, 3 seater sofa with distinctive, side aperture armrests to exude its graceful persona.S..

RM880.00 RM470.00

Gustav 1 + 3 Seater Sofa -31%

Gustav 1 + 3 Seater Sofa

 Scandinavian inspired simple yet eye-pleasing 1 + 3 seater sofa in imported Fine Fabric.Less i..

RM2,593.00 RM1,779.00

Jackie L - Shape Recliner Sofa -30%

Jackie L - Shape Recliner Sofa

Plush L-shape with one seater integrated recliner. Perfect for three person. Spacious seats configur..

RM2,119.00 RM1,490.00

Kordoba Shoe Rack -25%

Kordoba Shoe Rack

Classical era inspired shoe rack with unique finishing that brings out the fine memory of yesteryear..

RM399.00 RM299.00

London Lounge Set -52%

London Lounge Set

Trendy, round casual tea set with sturdy laminated steel structure.Fabric upholstered table top with..

RM1,048.00 RM499.00

Minerva Study Desk -40%

Minerva Study Desk

Country style study desk with rugged, natural teak wood lamination. Fully melamine.Ample writing &am..

RM499.00 RM299.00