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Mattress Thickness : 30cm
High resilient PU foam
Chiropractic Coil
Endorsed by International Chiropractors Association
Tri-Zone support
Coirtex rubberized natural fiber
Anti-dust mite
Sanitized protection
Warranty : 15 years

Tri-Zone Back Support
The King Koil Tri-Zone Back Support mattress is zoned for the best balance of comfort and support. The unique back support feature of the King Koil Tri-Zone model has 3 key zones with each having its own distinct functions and benefits;
– Zone 1 – Comfort for your upper body and neck to relieve neck and shoulder strain.
– Zone 2 – Support for the lower back & waist that relieves hip and lower back strain.
– Zone 3 – Supports weight from the upper leg area to the lower limbs. Each Zone functions for comfort and support alternately.
These unique “Support and Comfort Zone Layers” uses reinforced Coirtex – a Natural Fibre material to provide necessary support to the lower back and pelvic areas, while its “Comfort Zone Layers” use luxurious upholstery layers such as high resilient PU foam to relieve strain on shoulders, hips and lower limbs.

Coirtex Rubberized Natural Fiber

Rubberized Coir is a natural fiber and is relatively airier in design. This helps air to circulate well inside the mattress and maintains a relatively cool sleeping temperature. Also, Coir is a naturally a hygroscopic material and hence is absorbs moisture from the air. It generally retains 8 to 10% moisture.

Chiropractic coil
Chiropractic coil is the classical and probably the most well-known spring coil system. The Posture Mattress system offers comfort and support so exceptional it has earned the endorsement of the International Chiropractors Association®, which assisted in the design of the King Koil Chiropractic Coil Collection.

Sanitized AG Protection
Sanitized AG for comprehensive odor management in textiles. The Sanitized hygiene function protects surfaces and mattresses from the formation of fungi and algae, reduces dust mites and odors, and provides long-lasting material protection to polymers. The effectiveness is documented and scientifically proven.

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King Koil Sapphire

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