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Kocher, Setting bold exquisite

Element of contemporary

  • The new Kocher has become a go-to choice for buyers seeking clean design and bold presence with 3 piece modular sectional and minimalist clean design of the overall structure. The semi-rounded design back-rest and arm-rest complement thefoundation of the sectional.

Optimal seat

  • The bright upholstering isn’t just beautiful, enjoy the level of optimal with Kocher, which has been generously filledwith a new Pocketed ultra-coil and High-density cushion seat.

Colour coordination

  • New optional neutral colours that are designed to work well in any interior decorating. Take your pick and find the perfect fit for you.

Peace of mind

  • Hand-crafted with care, constructed with quality timbers and HD foams, the Kocher is sure to stand the test of time and comes with 3 Year Warranty®.

Additional information

Weight 70 kg
Dimensions 210 × 148 × 108 cm

Letto Green, Letto Red, Letto Light Brown, Letto Charcoal, Letto Sea Blue, Letto Grey, Letto Aqua, Letto Brown, Letto Congo, Letto Pink


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